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Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Resort-Vacation-Rentals offering low cost Hawaii Vacation Rentals

What is the ultimate dream vacation?  If you believe it is to Hawaii you should consider getting your vacation rentals through Resort Vacation Rentals.  We are offering seventeen locations to choose from on four Hawaiian islands.  You can't go wrong saving money on your rentals during your stay on the Hawaii Vacation of a lifetime. 

See our Current Listings of Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Do we have low cost deals on Hawaii Vacation Rentals?  Consider the difference of paying $399 per night, or $2,800 per week, retail, at many of these locations, and compare that to only $895 to $1,299 per week, at these exact same Hawaii Vacation Rentals, simply by using this web site.  That's well over half off your Hawaii Vacation Rental.

Save money while you have a drink on a beautiful Hawaii beach.  Imagine you are at the Sands of Kahana in Maui and you just got done Parasailing.  You are looking at the Hawaii sun going down, sipping away, thinking about that view from the Hawaii sky, where you saw your rental room, your balcony, and inside, you knew you had that jacuzzi just waiting for you any time you feel like going back to the room.  You can eat at the wonderful restaurants on site or you can use the kitchen in your room, and when you do, you can choose to eat in your dining room or your living room.  All this, and you are saving money on this Vacation Rentals in wonderful Hawaii.  You still have six days of your vacation left.

Check out the view from Sands of Kahana Resort, one of the favored Hawaii Vacation Rentals - Two Bedroom Oceanview Condos with living area and full kitchen for $1299 per week

See our Current Listings of Hawaii Vacation Rentals

Please send us your requirements for your Hawaii Vacation Rental by using our feedback form to the left.  Thank you for visiting Resort Vacation Rentals.