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Florida Vacation Rentals

Orlando and Kissimmee Florida Vacation Rentals

Florida Vacation Rentals are offering all the amenities you could ever desire during your stay in Orlando and Kissimmee; pool, bar, restaurant, activities in and around the resort.  Not only are we offering Vacation rentals in Orlando and Kissimmee we are offering your stay in what are called "resort areas".  Resort areas go far beyond the Luxury Rooms and Florida Resorts themselves.  Florida Resort areas are going to have many activities and fine establishments you want to visit in the surrounding areas; thus the coined phrase "resort areas".  Orlando and Kissimmee have the most to offer both in resorts and attractions. 

Florida Vacation Rentals Listings

You know you are missing Orlando and Kissimmee Florida right now.  Maybe you are missing Florida but you are booking this for honeymooners.  Maybe this is for your honeymoon or anniversary.  There is no way you can go wrong spending the funds on the stay of a lifetime with discounted rates at Florida Vacation Resorts

Please email us your contact info, your destination of Orlando or Kissimmee and dates you are interested in booking your Florida Resorts and we will get back with you the soonest we can with the lowest rates we can offer.  Thank you for coming to Resort Vacation Rentals today.


Sheraton Vistana quickens your pulse and you will feel like you found paradise once you have had a one week stay at this top Florida Vacation Rental.

Resort Vacation Rentals guarantees your booking for your stay in Kissimmee or Orlando, Florida.  You will have the best for the least.  The lowest cost of a week's stay at the finest luxury Kissimmee and Orlando Florida resorts are yours.

Florida Vacation Rentals Listings

Luxury Florida Vacation Rentals in Central, Eastern and Western Florida including Orlando and Kissimmee Most resorts have Friday, Saturday & Sunday check-in for 8 days/7 nights.   

NEW!!  We now offer nightly rentals....from 3-10 nights.  Our timeshare points memberships allow us to book nightly rentals with ANY DAY check in.